About Us

About Us

Brief Overview

The Ghana International Trade Commission was established by an Act of Parliament in September 2016 to regulate Ghana’s international trade architecture in conformity with the rules and regulations of the World Trade System and to provide for related matters.

Objectives of the Commission
According to the GITC Act, the objectives of the Commission include ensuring fair competition for persons engaged in domestic production and international trade; overseeing Ghana’s compliance with international trade rules and regulations; protecting the domestic industry or market from the impact of unfair trade practices and ensuring transparency, fairness, efficiency and objectivity in the application of measures affecting international trade and the use of world trade measures.

Functions of the Commission

  • Advise, recommend and provide analytical support to the Minister of Trade & Industry on: proposals for trade-related legislation; preparation of documentation and negotiating position of Government during international trade negotiations; Ghana’s compliance with its bilateral and multilateral trade treaties and obligations; tariff levels for specific sectors of the economy and on matters affecting trade and industry after monitoring and reviewing the Country’s international trade
  • For Manufacturers, the Commission will determine complaints before it in areas of Safeguard Measures; Subsidization of Imported Products by Foreign Governments; the Dumping of imported products into our domestic market; tariff adjustments and actions which are deemed to affect fair trade

  • For Importers and Traders, the Commission will settle disputes arising from classification and valuation of imported products between them and the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority
  • For Exporters, the Commission will conduct studies and publish reports on the competitiveness of Ghana’s tariff structure and its impact on the domestic industry, market access opportunities and challenges with exports from Ghana









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Get To Know THE GITC

The GITC exists to promote Ghana’s international trade through the application of fair, efficient, transparent and objective measures affecting international trade in conformity with WTO rules and regulations.

To become a world class fair trade regulatory agency.

The Commission has power to settle a dispute arising as a result of a classification, valuation or origin determination by the Custom’s Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority or any other matter related to international trade.

Special import measures that may be imposed under this Act include safeguard measures; anti-dumping duties; countervailing duties; and tariff adjustment measures.

Under the GITC, domestic producers and other interested and affected parties are provided a means by which to seek redress aimed at restoring equal conditions of competition and remedying.